Research & Strategy

Solving Venues Future Challenges
with 5G Immersive Technology

Opportunities for 5G technology to solve future challenges and elevate immersive experiences at high-value venues.

I have conducted extensive research exploring the future challenges faced by high-value venues such as sports stadiums, theme parks, museums and concert venues.

This has resulted in the development of creative strategies exploring the exciting opportunities of how immersive 5G technology can help solve these challenges and elevate experiences.

Strategic areas of consideration include:

Immersive user journeys for visitors and sports fans.

Enhancing the Live Experience.

Elevating fans insatiable appetite for creating, sharing and consuming content.

Making participants e.g. sports fans, part of the event.

Creating experiences that are unique to the venue.

360 Experiential Ecosystems – Experiences that connect a full circle of engagement touch-points. e.g home, venue, post venue and social.

I have explored opportunities for a range of high-value venues and their related activities, including:

Public Spaces
Sports Stadiums
Concert Arenas
Train Stations
Theme & Amusement Parks
Racing Venues e.g. F1 Motor Racing
E-Sports Events