Product Development / Creative & Business Strategy / Creative Direction, specialising in emerging technologies, immersive interaction and decentralized Web3.0 products.

I lead teams end to end, working on projects from business & product strategy, concept, development and delivery.

I believe in the power of experiences to help us make sense of our world and inspire us to share that understanding with others.

We can make products, communities & experiences more powerful by shifting away from the roles of the ‘user’ or ‘visitor’ and create for the empowered active role of the ‘participant’, where the experience responds to who they and are what they do.

My passion for connecting people to products, communities and brands through participation, has inspired me to focus on harnessing the power of  Emerging Technologies to create personalised experiences.

Today, my practice stands on the shoulders of over two decades of multidisciplinary work across digital, commercial and branded content, combined with MBA studies focused on the experience economy, Metaverse economics & blockchain.


Product Strategy
Creative & Business Strategy
Conceptual Innovation
Creative Direction
Brand Communication
Interactive AR and VR Narrative
Immersive Storytelling
Immersive UX
Harnessing Emerging Technology
Volumetric Capture
Pitching and Presenting

Project Platforms

Decentralized Applications Dapps
Volumetric AR
AR Augmented Reality
AR Augmented Reality Glasses
VR Virtual Reality
Screens of the Future
Social Media AR

Special Interests

The Experience Economy

The Creator Economy

Metaverse & MetaSocieties

Web 3.0

Immersive location based experiences; making places playable.

Leveraging the power of 5G to enhance the capability of immersive experiences.

Combining creativity & machine learning to enhance storytelling and brand communication.

Previous Background

Prior to this, I bring with me a wealth of over a decades experience as creative director, director and art director, working within the advertising, entertainment and music industries.

During this time I honed my skills at making stories and brands vibrant, credible and simple on projects for commercials, branded content, digital and film.

I have worked on many brand sectors, including luxury, music, entertainment, sport, automotive and fashion.

Clients include Google, Virgin Trains, Sport England, Paul Smith, Sony, Saudi Aramco, Fujitsu, Arsenal FC, Tesla and Ford.

Please find some example stills from projects below. More information available on request.