Run Buddy AR

Take Your Running to New Heights with Run Buddy AR – Your Augmented Reality Running Partner.

With Run Buddy AR, runners can see not only their real surroundings but also a 3D Avatar – your Run Buddy that they can race against in the real world.

Run against your Avatar to improve upon a previous training session, or take up the challenge against the Avatar of a friend to smash their best performance – and challenge them to do better!

Run Buddy AR is developed specifically for runners to work on Augmented Reality Glasses. Create and share your routes and performance anywhere in the world.

Nike Run Buddy augmented reality sports app for Apple and augmented reality glasses.

Run Buddy AR can help every runner with their personal training goal. Live stats provide distance, pace, and heart rate, all displayed ‘in front’ of you.

Beginner runners may wish to reach a 3K distance without focusing on the time it takes.

A more experienced runner may be aiming for a targeted time to beat for a 10K and requires a specific pacing guide for this.

Or more specific routines perhaps varied with interval training will help maximise speed, endurance and recovery times.

Many runners team up to improve stamina and accountability. It is easier to improve your performance when you have a running partner who is slightly faster than you to keep you on a great pace.

There is often a difference in capability and a need for some people to slow down. Run Buddy AR helps solve this by providing a running partner with the perfect pace for you to improve.

Nike Run Buddy augmented reality sports app for Apple and augmented reality glasses.

Runners can create their own avatars and style them with from the Nike store – or run against their avatar friends.

Why not choose fantasy avatars – how about running with Mo Farrah, Wonder Woman, Prince Hans, a skateboarding penguin or chase BB8 from Star Wars! There is plenty of fun to be had to keep everything engaging.

Run Buddy AR could provide you with rewards. Enjoy a surprise message from a friend when you reach your first 5K distance. Or discover gamification elements. For example, run through 3D stars that are placed on the street to collect points. Later, use your well-deserved reward points at a Nike Store.

AR and Sports-Tech are on the cusp of a new era. Run Buddy AR is a breakthrough AR glasses application to inspire runners to be at their best and have plenty of fun along the way.

Role: Strategy, Product Development, Creative Director